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Praise for “The Power of Moral Leadership”

“Roy Holley has written a definitive book on moral leadership and integrity. It overflows with historical traditions and practical personal and professional examples. In his inviting writing style, as if producing an intriguing novel, Roy gifts us with the key to success – the leading role of our moral voice in guiding our rational and emotional voices.”
Dwight N. Hopkins

The Alexander Campbell Professor, The University of Chicago

The Power of Moral Leadership offers an engaging and insightful journey into how to integrate 200 years of leadership theory into compelling practical application. Readers will learn how to evolve into trusted authentic leaders through Roy’s real-life examples, profound storytelling and insights into the missing pieces that many leadership books, seminars, and so-called gurus overlook. The Power of Moral Leadership can only be described as a brilliant piece of art that touches your soul and that you never stop learning from.” 

Harry Flaris

Founder and CEO, Inspiration with Flair Consulting Services

“It is rare to come across business literature for leaders that focuses on one’s higher moral dimension as the compass for building personal and business success. While we have made advances in tools to measure and help companies and their leaders succeed, we seldom read about the courage to call out the real dimension that is hidden in plain sight—the leader’s personal essence. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a path forward from the cliff of fear and forest of confusion in business and personal situations.”
Rebecca Chou

Board of Directors, Asia America Multi-technology Association; Former Trustee, San Francisco Art Institute

“This is way beyond another business book. It is also about choices we make and how those impact ourselves and others. Roy has translated his experience, education, and wisdom into principles that are easy to understand and apply. His excellent deep dives into the Golden Rule, the current state of moral leadership, and its impact on culture and performance go well beyond where many of us stopped processing. Roy’s book has already had a positive impact on my life and I firmly believe team members at every level will benefit by reading it.”

Steve Nielsen

former Managing Director, FedEx Leadership Institute & Senior Consultant, Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness.

“Put simply, I would strongly recommend The Power of Moral Leadership to all leaders who want to improve. Indeed, in a world where trust in leaders and organisations is perceived to be in crisis, where leaders perceive that their challenges are growing in number and complexity, it is an absolute must read. Roy argues with passion for the need for leaders to be drawn back to timeless and universal principles and behaviours that will enhance their decision-making and integrity. Such principles can provide a powerful compass for leaders to call on to improve their cultures, improve engagement with stakeholders, and improve performance. He successfully argues his point, aided by weaving relevant and wonderful stories throughout, including his own. I challenge anyone to read The Power of Moral Leadership and not come away reflecting on the moral implications of every thought, decision and action they have made.”

David Ross

Founder and Managing Director, Phoenix Strategic Management and author of Confronting The Storm.

“Roy’s passion to continuously learn and advance the theory and practice of leadership is unparalleled. The Power of Moral Leadership is packed with real-world case studies, lessons learned and practical suggestions for improving our leadership in a way that directly improves the bottom line. He frames the whole idea of “Leadership” as the ability to positively influence others, gain their respect and trust, and to consequently achieve results that bring value to everybody involved. Looking at it from such perspective makes it simple to understand why being a better leader should be everybody’s mission in business, as in life. This book will jumpstart that journey.”

Marco Busi

Managing Partner, AIKON Ventures; Interim Executive (CEO/COO); Editor-in-Chief, Emerald Publishing; author of Doing Research That Matters: Shaping the Future of Management.

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