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Align and integrate your moral, rational and emotional dimensions to capture your full potential.  Influence others, produce emotional intelligence & resilience, and create lasting inner peace and fulfillment.

The Power of Moral Leadership

Roy Holley

In the arc of every leader’s life, we take furtive glances over our shoulder to assess the status of our followers. Averting one’s eyes from what lies ahead is risky with so much coming at you. It’s especially disconcerting when you can see your mates falling behind and splitting into dissident groups. Why does this happen, and what can be done about it?

The purpose of this book is to enable you to answer these questions in such a compelling way that trust and respect for you, along with organizational engagement and performance, continues to increase over the course of your life. And the path to that lofty destination rests on your ability to align and integrate your moral, rational and emotional dimensions to capture your full potential to influence others, produce emotional intelligence and resilience, and create lasting inner peace and fulfillment.

This book defines precisely what moral leadership is, how and why it pertains to our happiness and success, how others are impacted by it, and precisely how to summit the peaks of moral clarity and courage to dramatically increase your leadership effectiveness.

Roy Holley

Roy Holley served in several leadership roles at FedEx, including as Managing Director of Operations and a member of the FedEx Leadership Institute. He left FedEx to establish a leadership development team that continues to deliver highly experiential leadership programs that have typically been described as life-changing and the best leadership development of their career by participants.

His international experience includes serving as a Senior Teaching Fellow for the Surrey International Institute in China. Most of his adult life has been lived in the shadow of the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado, also the location for many of the leadership programs based on this book.

He has spoken at numerous events including at academic institutions, corporate meetings, and an address to a head of state and Parliament, and accepts a limited number of keynote speaking engagements annually.

Roy Holley
Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker

What Readers Are Saying

Praise for “The Power of Moral Leadership”

“Roy Holley has written a definitive book on moral leadership and integrity. It overflows with historical traditions and practical personal and professional examples. In his inviting writing style, as if producing an intriguing novel, Roy gifts us with the key to success – the leading role of our moral voice in guiding our rational and emotional voices.”
Dwight N. Hopkins

The Alexander Campbell Professor, The University of Chicago

“It is rare to come across business literature for leaders that focuses on one’s higher moral dimension as the compass for building personal and business success. While we have made advances in tools to measure and help companies and their leaders succeed, we seldom read about the courage to call out the real dimension that is hidden in plain sight—the leader’s personal essence. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a path forward from the cliff of fear and forest of confusion in business and personal situations.”
Rebecca Chau

Board of Directors, Asia America Multi-technology Association; Former Trustee, San Francisco Art Institute

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