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The Power of Moral Leadership

Roy Holley served in several leadership roles at FedEx, including as Managing Director of Operations and a member of the FedEx Leadership Institute. He left FedEx to establish a leadership development team that continues to deliver highly experiential leadership programs that have typically been described as life-changing and the best leadership development of their career by participants. 

His international experience includes serving as a Senior Teaching Fellow for the Surrey International Institute in China. Most of his adult life has been lived in the shadow of the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado, also the location for many of the leadership programs based on this book.

He accepts a limited number of keynote speaking engagements annually.

Leadership Development

Roy Holley has been helping individuals and organizations achieve unprecedented leadership and performance breakthroughs through his signature Leadership Development program for over 15 years.  

Leaders find these programs life-changing and team-changing with workshops that uncover unconscious blind spots and biases which limit their influence and decision-making effectiveness.

Leaders are led on a path of self-discovery that produces a strong will to change and the tools necessary to make it stick. We believe you are capable of achieving heights not yet imagined, and our singular purpose is to help you reach them.

"Leaders who understand the natural law of stimulus and response know that if they look in the mirror and change their own behavior, rather than first point a finger of blame, that change in stimulus will produce a different and higher response in others ."

Roy Holley

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The Power of Moral Leadership

Align and integrate your moral, rational and emotional dimensions to capture your full potential to influence others, produce emotional intelligence & resilience, and create lasting inner peace and fulfillment.